Saturday, February 26, 2011

beyond cute

A beautiful baby girl was born last week, and I searched
for warm soft purple yarn to knit this for her:

it's a berry hat!
it's so cute!

I carried it around the house and made everyone look at it


For the knitters:
Pattern:  Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier
Yarn:  Crystal Palace Bunny Hop yarn in "royal lilac" and "misty green"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

blog confessions

I had a stack of pens and pencils in my room that I have been meaning to put away for a few weeks.  I went to put them away in the pencil/pen cup, and there was a 4.5mm bamboo double-pointed knitting needle mixed in with the pens and pencils.

This crosses some kind of line, and I'm pretty sure there is no going back.

Friday, February 04, 2011


Sam lost a tooth last week.
It's the first one he's lost on the top.
I feel obligated to report that I could not handle
the part where the tooth was still attached, but
turned all the way around and bleeding.

Sally had to help him.

I helped Sally make a chicken for her friend. 
I knit the white part, and she knit and sewed
on the rest.  It's way cute.
Sally is cute too. 
Of course, three more of her friends want one.

Sam and I made a big cookie cake. 

At this point, Sally took my camera and went
on a little self-portrait craze.  They are great
pictures, but she knows how to use the computer
now and she'll be upset if I post them here.

(Wasn't the blog more fun when they couldn't read?)

Sally and I filled the bird feeder and hung it in the tree by the front door.
(I'll say no more about filling the bird feeder, except to tell
you that I hate the design of bird feeders, and when they are
a little rusty, it's near impossible to get that thing
back together.  It was Not Pretty.)
The birds love us.
They have been hanging out all day.
If you look closely, on the right is the blue birdhouse.
I'm hoping that the increased bird traffic will increase our chances
of a little bird family making a nest in there this spring.