Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I put up the countdown to summer vacation because I am so ready for summer vacation.  Of all the jobs that I do as a mom, Homework Enforcer is getting really tiresome.


cko said...

Your job as a mommy enforcer is so valuable. And I know you know it. I think of the ones who have no one that cares or those who don't now how to care!even has the knowledge to help. Bless you, Mommy!

alison said...

Oh don't you know it! It was a hard year for us, understandably. Someone was constantly trying to drop out of second grade. Someone else was failing a couple of classes and spending lots of time in the office or home and the final somebody was acing everything but EXHAUSTED and blue.

Paul and I have been stealing away for a night every few weeks or so which has been great and so necessary. We took off Friday night and yesterday I was steeling myself for re-entry and cracking the whip on one particular student and then exhaled when I remembered that we are free! FREE! Free at Last! Thank God almighty!