Tuesday, June 14, 2011

almost summer

It's almost summer.  We are in the last week of
school and Sally's last week of elementary
school.  I'm ready.  And I'm not.

These pictures are from when we went on
the tour of the Winchester Mystery House
a few weekends ago.

 You can't take any pictures inside,
so the front gardens will have to do.

It's a beautiful place.
And not at all creepy like I thought it would be.

We did lots of fun things that weekend,
like go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
and walk around Monterey
and have dinner on the wharf
and go to the movies
and have sushi together
and go to our cousin's wedding.

Of course, I forgot to take my camera
to all of those fun places.

Now it's time for garden pictures!
I bought tomato plants on sale on Earth Day
at Lowe's and what a deal!
Check it out:

That's two tomato plants.  Two!
On the right is a roma plant, and on
the left is a Better Boy.  He's a big guy.
Check out some of the lovelies growing:

And Sam planted corn.
He's very excited about it.

It shows promise.

That's all for now.  I have a final exam
to grade, an awards assembly to attend,
and dinner to make.  And then two more
days of school.  And then summer! 

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