Monday, August 22, 2011

baby hat

I made this hat a few weeks ago for my cousin's baby boy.  It's called a Helix Striped Hat and I've made four or five hats with this pattern because it's so clever.  You knit with three or four colors on every round, and the stripes spiral up the hat, but you really can't see the color change (except at the bottom when I started the blue, but really, nowhere else).  This is made with a cotton blend yarn, which I like to use for babies (soft + machine washable).  Welcome to the world, Baby A!


 some of the tomatoes from the garden

oranges from the tree

Saturday, August 13, 2011

security changes coming soon

Hi everyone who still stops by the blog!  If you are friends with me in real life or on facebook, you probably know that I got a job teaching at a local high school for this school year.  I'm probably going to turn up the security on this blog in a couple of weeks, and you'll need a password to stop by and read the ramblings.  Leave me a comment if you are a regular and I'll make sure you are on the email list with password information.  Thanks for understanding!