Saturday, October 29, 2011

finding a new normal

I've been back at work for eight weeks now.  It has been a big adjustment for everyone here.  The first few weeks, I was just tired all the time.  I had a few nights where I'd wake up and my brain would start buzzing away with ideas and worries about being a teacher.  Then I'd sleep soundly for two or three nights, trying to catch the sleep that I had lost.  I was super tired!  But I feel like I'm adjusted to the physicalness of teaching again.  It's a different kind of activity than being a stay-at-home mom (and part-time tutor, volunteer, etc etc).

My mom asked me this week if I was glad that I went back to work.  I have had moments where I thought to myself, "What have you done?  You had it so easy being a stay-at-home mom!"  It was time for me to get back to a teaching job, though.  I realized this when I was walking out the door last week and shouted to my family, "Bye!  I love you!  I'm going to work!" and then I left.  It hit me that I get to leave and go somewhere else to work, instead of working where I live with three other people.  At that moment, I realized that I had really missed having a job seperate from my family.  It's validating in a way that motherhood is not.  But I'm so thankful for the years that I stayed home with my kids!

I'm happy to report that I am still finding time to read.  The knitting has suffered, but that will come back too, in time.  Sam is in gymnastics three days a week, and the public library is a few blocks from his gym.  Sally and I will go hang out at the library - she'll do homework, and I'll collect a stack of books to bring home.  Sometimes we go to Starbucks (pumpkin latte for me, chocolate chip frapp for her) and make use of the free wi-fi.  Sometimes we just go to Rite Aid and hang out together.

Monday is Halloween.  I know after that it will be a blur of activity until Christmas.  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the Daylight Savings time change this year!  Getting up early, while it's still dark, is Not Fun.

That's all for now.  It's Saturday, which means I have some laundry to fold, some groceries to buy, and some family time to enjoy.  And some tests to grade.  But they can wait for tomorrow.

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cko said...

It is wonderful to share your talent with teaching again. Lucky for the students and lucky for your family. The emotional exhaustion from a day at school gets easier as the weeks go by. Bless you!