Wednesday, June 13, 2012

endings & beginnings

Tomorrow is the last day of school.  I am ready and not ready, at the same time.  In many ways this year has gone by fast - the speed of my life has been turned up and everything seems to fly by me.  On the other hand, this year has been long and difficult, learning to be a working mom and remembering how to be a teacher again.  I'm ready for summer, for some time to sit and think and process the last ten months.

This blog needs to have some changes too.  I've thought about closing down here at musings-of-a-mommy, since I have a facebook and a twitter, and now an instagram and a pinterest and a good reads account . . . that's quite a lot of things.  I think I'll change things up here at musings this summer to bring everything together.  I still like sitting down and writing a long post, even if it is only once a month or every other month.  Twitter just doesn't cut it for me.

One more thing on the To-Do-List for the summer!
  • clean the garage
  • re-type calculus reveiw worksheets and tests
  • paint the kids' rooms
  • teach the kids to cook a meal
  • take a trip
  • swim alot
  • update the blog
Yep, it's going to be a great summer!  I'm ready!
End of summer update:  everything on the list got done except clean the garage.  Oh well!  If I had to pick one thing that could not get done, that would be it! :)

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opto said...

This has been a busy year but you have also accomplished much. Happy Birthday! There is much to celebrate.