Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yesterday, the kids and I picked a bowl full of tomatoes, and then peeled and crushed them to make soup.  It was fun showing them how to put the tomoatoes into boiling water for a few minutes, then cooling them in a bowl of ice water, then peeling them.  They were fascinated that the peels came off so easily.  Then we mashed them and pushed them through a strainer to get out the seeds.  Messy work.  Kids love making a mess in the kitchen.  Then I made the best homemade tomato soup.  Guess what the secret is?  Sugar.  It tasted good, but very acidic, until Stuart suggested that I add a few teaspoons of sugar.  It worked!

Today we are off to the mall.  Sally wants to shop with a friend, and Sam needs new shoes.  I don't normally shop for shoes at the mall, but we have two hours to kill, and I don't want to spend them all at GameStop.  We may go to the pet store and look at the puppies.  Maybe.

I'm planning on writing up a long post about our fantastic trip to Disney World, but I am still too busy.  Busy in summer - loving it.

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