Saturday, February 02, 2013

Foods that make you feel good

It's been awhile since I posted here.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been my main outlet for the past few months.  However, the New Year has brought a new challenge for me:  my husband wanted to do the Virgin Diet.  I'm pretty skeptical about most diets - I'm not even a faithful vegetarian! - but after hearing him talk about this, I became interested.  It's a diet to help you figure out what foods make you feel good and healthy, and what foods you may have an intolerance to and should eliminate from your diet.  I decided to give it a try, and shortly after the New Year, we begain the 21-day elimination of these 7 intolerance foods:

sugar and artificial sweeteners.

That's a pretty big list!   Soy, corn, and peanuts weren't so hard to do without, but gluten? dairy? EGGS? Those were a challenge for me!  And that last sneaky category, sugar AND artificial sweeteners.  Well, that eliminates almost everything to drink - no soda of any kind, no juice (too much sugar), no creamer for my coffee.  I started drinking green tea more, and tried almond milk in my coffee.  (By the way, no good.)  I tried hot tea for breakfast - with almond milk and no sugar - and that didn't do it for me.  By the end of week one, I caved in and said I was adding back my non-dairy creamer to start my morning with coffee!  I couldn't deal with the alternatives!

The rest of it, though, we did without.  We ate lots of fruit and vegetables.  We tried lentil chips with hummus (which we like very much).  We tried kale chips (no good) and black bean chips with guacamole (not bad).  We ate chicken and salad and homemade soups (the best was this one) and sometimes lean beef (not me, but it's allowed on the diet) and more fruit and more veggies and lots of water.  And by the end of the 21 days, I did not crave sweets like I used to!  But I really missed dairy, so we deicded to add in dairy and see what happens.  The diet has you add back one category, and notice how you feel after you eat it.  I am sorry to report that cheese and eggs are not good for me.  I feel bloated and bleh after eating them.  However, gluten is good (oh, thank God for bread!) and small amounts of sugar don't seem to make much difference (except being unhealthy, but that's another issue).  Corn - I learned that my body does not digest corn at all.  (yuck - sorry.)  So cheese and eggs and corn are off the list.  After being soda-free for over a month, I am actually happy about that.  I think the soda and artificial sweeteners are on the No List for me as well.

Although I really was skeptical about this diet, it was worth a try.  It's main goal is not to lose weight (although all my clothes are looser now) or count calories or fat, but to find what foods are really good for YOUR body.  Everyone is different, and everyone should learn what foods to avoid to feel your best, sleep your best, and LIVE your BEST.