Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Break

First day of summer!  I am super happy to be out of school for the summer (although I still have a few comments to enter for my student's report cards . . . ).  I started my day off by getting up early and making blueberry muffins for the kiddos, who have four more days of school.  Having our schools on different schedules has been a challenge, and while August was tricky with me working and them not in school yet, June is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.  I can get the house in order in peace while they finish up school, and I can attend all their last-day-of-school festivities.

I am also looking forward to actually doing some of the things I have been pinning on Pinterest.  (I know, I know, everyone says that.)  I put together some Homemade Taco Seasoning this morning, thanks to Rachel Cooks.  I'm going to use it to make some Quinoa Taco Salads for dinner, thanks to The Yummy Life for inspiration.

Of course, summer is for lots and lots of reading.  I'm working my way through the Thursday Next books again (just finished the third one last night), and I am picking up so many more of the overlapping inside jokes this time around.  I have a stack of books to make my way through, and I'll be visiting the library more than a few times.

And the knitting.  Yes, I still do that too, just not as often as I would like.  I made a darling baby sweater and matching hat for an arrival this summer.  LOVE knitting for babies!  Everything is so DARLING!  I have a whole mess of things that I want to knit, and I can't wait for a few uninterrupted hours to sort through all my yarn and needles and line up some new projects.

The family plans on spending lots and lots of time in our lovely pool, which was just cleaned and looks brand-new.  I really think June is one of the best months for swimming, especially in the evenings.  The air cools down to just lower than the temperature of the water, and it is such a luxury to swim after dinner. (Somewhere, someone is worried that we violate the "don't swim until thirty minutes after you eat" rule.  We do.  We're fine.)

So that's the summer plans.  Who has time for cleaning or getting ready for back-to-school?  Not me!!!

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Anonymous said...

So fun to read your blog again. Time just runs out and I miss not connecting. Love your talented knitting. Your work is so beautiful!